Class DocumentUndoManagerRegistry


public final class DocumentUndoManagerRegistry extends Object
This document undo manager registry provides access to a document's undo manager. In order to connect a document a document undo manager call connect. After that call has successfully completed undo manager can be obtained via getDocumentUndoManager. The undo manager is created on the first connect and disposed on the last disconnect, i.e. this registry keeps track of how often a undo manager is connected and returns the same undo manager to each client as long as the document is connected.

The recoding of changes starts with the first connect(IDocument).

This class is not intended to be instantiated by clients.
  • Method Details

    • connect

      public static void connect(IDocument document)
      Connects the file at the given location to this manager. After that call successfully completed it is guaranteed that each call to getFileBuffer returns the same file buffer until disconnect is called.

      The recoding of changes starts with the first connect(IDocument).

      document - the document to be connected
    • disconnect

      public static void disconnect(IDocument document)
      Disconnects the given document from this registry.
      document - the document to be disconnected
    • getDocumentUndoManager

      public static IDocumentUndoManager getDocumentUndoManager(IDocument document)
      Returns the file buffer managed for the given location or null if there is no such file buffer.

      The provided location is either a full path of a workspace resource or an absolute path in the local file system. The file buffer manager does not resolve the location of workspace resources in the case of linked resources.

      document - the document for which to get its undo manager
      the document undo manager or null