Class ParticipantPagePane


public final class ParticipantPagePane extends Object
Stand alone presentation of a participant page within a view pane. This allows showing a participant page with it's toolbar in dialogs and embedded in views and editors.
  • Constructor Details

    • ParticipantPagePane

      public ParticipantPagePane(Shell shell, boolean isModal, ISynchronizePageConfiguration pageConfiguration, ISynchronizeParticipant participant)
      Creates a part for the provided participant. The page configuration is used when creating the participant page and the resulting compare/merge panes will be configured with the provided compare configuration.

      For example, clients can decide if the user can edit the compare panes by calling CompareConfiguration.setLeftEditable(boolean) or CompareConfiguration.setRightEditable(boolean).

      shell - the parent shell for this part
      isModal - to set the pane as modal or not
      pageConfiguration - the configuration that will be provided to the participant prior to creating the page
      participant - the participant whose page will be displayed in this part
  • Method Details

    • dispose

      public void dispose()
    • getTitleImage

      public Image getTitleImage()
    • getTitle

      public String getTitle()
    • createPartControl

      public Control createPartControl(Composite parent)
    • getPageConfiguration

      public ISynchronizePageConfiguration getPageConfiguration()
      Return the synchronize page configuration for this part
      Returns the pageConfiguration.
    • getParticipant

      public ISynchronizeParticipant getParticipant()
      Return the Synchronize participant for this part
      Returns the participant.