Interface IScmUrlImportWizardPage

All Superinterfaces:
IDialogPage, IWizardPage

public interface IScmUrlImportWizardPage extends IWizardPage
IScmUrlImportWizardPage defines the interface that users of the extension point must implement. EXPERIMENTAL. This class has been added as part of a work in progress. There is no guarantee that this API will work or that it will remain the same. Please do not use this API without consulting with the Team team.
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    • finish

      boolean finish()
      Called when the import wizard is closed by selecting the finish button. Implementers may store the page result (new/changed bundle import descriptions in getSelection) here.
      if the operation was successful. The wizard will only close when true is returned.
    • getSelection

      ScmUrlImportDescription[] getSelection()
      Return the import descriptions for the page. The descriptions may differ from those initially set using setSelection(ScmUrlImportDescription[]) if the user modified the import configuration.
      the SCM URLs descriptions for the page or null if no selection has been set
    • setSelection

      void setSelection(ScmUrlImportDescription[] descriptions)
      Sets the import descriptions to be edited on the page. The passed descriptions can be edited and should be returned in getSelection().
      descriptions - the SCM URLs descriptions edited on the page.