Class DPIUtil.AutoScaleImageDataProvider

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public static final class DPIUtil.AutoScaleImageDataProvider extends Object implements ImageDataProvider
AutoScale ImageDataProvider.
  • Constructor Details

    • AutoScaleImageDataProvider

      public AutoScaleImageDataProvider(Device device, ImageData data, int zoom)
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    • getImageData

      public ImageData getImageData(int zoom)
      Description copied from interface: ImageDataProvider
      Returns the image data for the given zoom level.

      If no image is available for a particular zoom level, this method should return null. For zoom == 100, returning null is not allowed, and SWT will throw an exception.

      Specified by:
      getImageData in interface ImageDataProvider
      zoom - The zoom level in % of the standard resolution (which is 1 physical monitor pixel == 1 SWT logical point). Typically 100, 150, or 200.
      the image data, or null if zoom != 100 and no image is available for the given zoom level.