Class ViewerSorter

Direct Known Subclasses:
TreePathViewerSorter, WorkbenchViewerSorter

@Deprecated public class ViewerSorter extends ViewerComparator
use ViewerComparator instead.
A viewer sorter is used by a StructuredViewer to reorder the elements provided by its content provider.

The default compare method compares elements using two steps. The first step uses the values returned from category. By default, all elements are in the same category. The second level is based on a case insensitive compare of the strings obtained from the content viewer's label provider via ILabelProvider.getText.

Subclasses may implement the isSorterProperty method; they may reimplement the category method to provide categorization; and they may override the compare methods to provide a totally different way of sorting elements.

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    • ViewerSorter

      public ViewerSorter()
      Creates a new viewer sorter, which uses the default collator to sort strings.
    • ViewerSorter

      public ViewerSorter(Collator collator)
      Creates a new viewer sorter, which uses the given collator to sort strings.
      collator - the collator to use to sort strings
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