Interface ITreeSelection

All Superinterfaces:
ISelection, IStructuredSelection, Iterable
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public interface ITreeSelection extends IStructuredSelection
A selection containing tree paths.

It is recommended that clients do not implement this interface but instead use the standard implementation of this interface, TreeSelection. TreeSelection adds API for getting the IElementComparer of a selection (if available). This is important for clients who want to create a slightly modified tree selection based on an existing tree selection. The recommended coding pattern in this case is as follows:

 ITreeSelection selection = (ITreeSelection)treeViewer.getSelection();
 TreePath[] paths = selection.getPaths();
 IElementComparer comparer = null;
 if (selection instanceof TreeSelection) {
   comparer = ((TreeSelection)selection).getElementComparer();
 TreePath[] modifiedPaths = ... // modify as required
 TreeSelection modifiedSelection = new TreeSelection(modifiedPaths, comparer);
See bugs 135818 and 133375 for details.
  • Method Details

    • getPaths

      TreePath[] getPaths()
      Returns the paths in this selection
      the paths in this selection
    • getPathsFor

      TreePath[] getPathsFor(Object element)
      Returns the paths in this selection whose last segment is equal to the given element
      element - the element to get the tree paths for
      the array of tree paths