Interface TransferDragSourceListener

All Superinterfaces:
DragSourceListener, EventListener, SWTEventListener

public interface TransferDragSourceListener extends DragSourceListener
A TransferDragSourceListener is a DragSourceListener that can handle one type of SWT Transfer. The purpose of a TransferDragSourceListener is to:
  • Determine enablement for a drag operation. A TransferDragSourceListener will not be used in a drag operation if the DragSourceEvent#doit field is set to false in DragSourceListener#dragStart(DragSourceEvent).
  • Set data for a single type of drag and Transfer type.

A DelegatingDragAdapter allows these functions to be implemented separately for unrelated types of drags. DelegatingDragAdapter then combines the function of each TransferDragSourceListener, while allowing them to be implemented as if they were the only DragSourceListener.

  • Method Details

    • getTransfer

      Transfer getTransfer()
      Returns the Transfer type that this listener can provide data for.
      the Transfer associated with this listener