Class ProjectionAnnotation

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public class ProjectionAnnotation extends Annotation implements IAnnotationPresentation
Annotation used to represent the projection of a master document onto a ProjectionDocument. A projection annotation can be either expanded or collapsed. If expanded it corresponds to a segment of the projection document. If collapsed, it represents a region of the master document that does not have a corresponding segment in the projection document.

Clients may subclass or use as is.

  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • ProjectionAnnotation

      public ProjectionAnnotation()
      Creates a new expanded projection annotation.
    • ProjectionAnnotation

      public ProjectionAnnotation(boolean isCollapsed)
      Creates a new projection annotation. When isCollapsed is true the annotation is initially collapsed.
      isCollapsed - true if the annotation should initially be collapsed, false otherwise
  • Method Details

    • setRangeIndication

      public void setRangeIndication(boolean rangeIndication)
      Enables and disables the range indication for this annotation.
      rangeIndication - the enable state for the range indication
    • paint

      public void paint(GC gc, Canvas canvas, Rectangle rectangle)
      Description copied from interface: IAnnotationPresentation
      Implement this method to draw a graphical representation of this annotation within the given bounds.

      Note that this method is not used when drawing annotations on the editor's text widget. This is handled trough a AnnotationPainter.IDrawingStrategy.

      Specified by:
      paint in interface IAnnotationPresentation
      gc - the drawing GC
      canvas - the canvas to draw on
      rectangle - the bounds inside the canvas to draw on
    • getLayer

      public int getLayer()
      Description copied from interface: IAnnotationPresentation
      Returns the annotations drawing layer.
      Specified by:
      getLayer in interface IAnnotationPresentation
      the annotations drawing layer
    • isCollapsed

      public boolean isCollapsed()
      Returns the state of this annotation.
      true if collapsed
    • markCollapsed

      public void markCollapsed()
      Marks this annotation as being collapsed.
    • markExpanded

      public void markExpanded()
      Marks this annotation as being unfolded.