Interface IVerticalRuler

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CompositeRuler, OverviewRuler, VerticalRuler

public interface IVerticalRuler extends IVerticalRulerInfo
This interface defines a visual component which may serve text viewers as an annotation presentation area. Implementers of this interface have to define the presentation modus. This can either depend on the connected viewer's view port or not. If the modus is view port dependent the ruler only shows those annotations that are attached to document regions that are visible in the view port. If independent, the presented annotations can also be attached to invisible document regions. This interfaces comprises three contracts:
  • The vertical ruler retrieves the annotations it presents from an annotation model.
  • The ruler is a visual component which must be integrated in a hierarchy of SWT controls.
  • The ruler provides interested clients with mapping and interaction information. This covers the mapping between coordinates of the ruler's control and line numbers based on the connected text viewer's document (see IVerticalRulerInfo).

In order to provide backward compatibility for clients of IVerticalRuler, extension interfaces are used as a means of evolution. The following extension interfaces exist:

Clients may implement this interface or use the default implementation provided by CompositeRuler and VerticalRuler.

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  • Method Details

    • setModel

      void setModel(IAnnotationModel model)
      Associates an annotation model with this ruler. A value null is acceptable and clears the ruler.
      model - the new annotation model, may be null
    • getModel

      IAnnotationModel getModel()
      Returns the current annotation model of this ruler or null if the ruler has no model.
      this ruler's annotation model or null if there is no model
    • update

      void update()
      Forces the vertical ruler to synchronize itself with its annotation model and its viewer's view port.
    • createControl

      Control createControl(Composite parent, ITextViewer textViewer)
      Creates the ruler's SWT control.
      parent - the parent control of the ruler's control
      textViewer - the text viewer to which this ruler belongs
      the ruler's SWT control