Interface IRevisionRulerColumnExtension

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public interface IRevisionRulerColumnExtension
Extension interface for IRevisionRulerColumn.

Introduces the ability to register a selection listener on revisions and configurable rendering modes.

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  • Field Details

    • AUTHOR

      Rendering mode that assigns a unique color to each revision author.
    • AGE

      Rendering mode that assigns colors to revisions by their age.

      Currently the most recent revision is red, the oldest is a faint yellow. The coloring scheme can change in future releases.


      static final IRevisionRulerColumnExtension.RenderingMode AUTHOR_SHADED_BY_AGE
      Rendering mode that assigns unique colors per revision author and uses different color intensity depending on the age.

      Currently it selects lighter colors for older revisions and more intense colors for more recent revisions. The coloring scheme can change in future releases.

  • Method Details

    • setRevisionRenderingMode

      void setRevisionRenderingMode(IRevisionRulerColumnExtension.RenderingMode mode)
      Changes the rendering mode and triggers redrawing if needed.
      mode - the rendering mode
    • showRevisionId

      void showRevisionId(boolean show)
      Enables showing the revision id.
      show - true to show the revision, false to hide it
    • showRevisionAuthor

      void showRevisionAuthor(boolean show)
      Enables showing the revision author.
      show - true to show the author, false to hide it
    • getRevisionSelectionProvider

      ISelectionProvider getRevisionSelectionProvider()
      Returns the revision selection provider.
      the revision selection provider
    • addRevisionListener

      void addRevisionListener(IRevisionListener listener)
      Adds a revision listener that will be notified when the displayed revision information changes.
      listener - the listener to add
    • removeRevisionListener

      void removeRevisionListener(IRevisionListener listener)
      Removes a previously registered revision listener; nothing happens if listener was not registered with the receiver.
      listener - the listener to remove