Interface ICodeMiningProvider

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public interface ICodeMiningProvider
A code mining provider adds minings ICodeMining to source text. The mining will be shown as dedicated horizontal lines in between the source text.
  • Method Details

    • provideCodeMinings

      CompletableFuture<List<? extends ICodeMining>> provideCodeMinings(ITextViewer viewer, IProgressMonitor monitor)
      Compute a list of code minings ICodeMining. This call should return as fast as possible and if computing the content of ICodeMining is expensive implementors should only return code mining objects with the position and implement resolve ICodeMining.resolve(ITextViewer, IProgressMonitor).
      viewer - the viewer in which the command was invoked.
      monitor - A progress monitor.
      An array of future of code minings that resolves to such. The lack of a result can be signaled by returning null, or an empty array.
    • dispose

      void dispose()
      Dispose code mining provider.