Class TextEvent


public class TextEvent extends Object
This event is sent to implementers of ITextListener. It represents a change applied to text viewer. The change is specified as a replace command using offset, length, inserted text, and replaced text. The text viewer issues a text event after the viewer has been changed either in response to a change of the viewer's document or when the viewer's visual content has been changed. In the first case, the text event also carries the original document event. Depending on the viewer's presentation mode, the text event coordinates are different from the document event's coordinates.

An empty text event usually indicates a change of the viewer's redraw state.

Clients other than text viewer's don't create instances of this class.

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  • Constructor Details

    • TextEvent

      protected TextEvent(int offset, int length, String text, String replacedText, DocumentEvent event, boolean viewerRedrawState)
      Creates a new TextEvent based on the specification.
      offset - the offset
      length - the length
      text - the inserted text
      replacedText - the replaced text
      event - the associated document event or null if none
      viewerRedrawState - the redraw state of the viewer
  • Method Details

    • getOffset

      public int getOffset()
      Returns the offset of the event.
      the offset of the event
    • getLength

      public int getLength()
      Returns the length of the event.
      the length of the event
    • getText

      public String getText()
      Returns the text of the event.
      the text of the event
    • getReplacedText

      public String getReplacedText()
      Returns the text replaced by this event.
      the text replaced by this event
    • getDocumentEvent

      public DocumentEvent getDocumentEvent()
      Returns the corresponding document event that caused the viewer change
      the corresponding document event, null if a visual change only
    • getViewerRedrawState

      public boolean getViewerRedrawState()
      Returns the viewer's redraw state.
      true if the viewer's redraw state is true