Interface IWidgetTokenKeeper

All Known Implementing Classes:
ContentAssistant, InformationPresenter, SubjectControlContentAssistant

public interface IWidgetTokenKeeper
A widget token keeper may require a widget token from an IWidgetTokenOwner and release the token to the owner after usage. A widget token owner may request the token from the token keeper. The keeper may deny the return of the token.

The widget token owner and keeper interplay is used by a text viewer in order to manage the appearance and disappearance of addition, on-top popup windows such as text hovers, content assist, etc. In order to provide backward compatibility for clients of IWidgetTokeKeeper, extension interfaces are used as a means of evolution. The following extension interfaces exist:

  • IWidgetTokenKeeperExtension since version 3.0 introducing priorities when requesting a widget token and thus replacing the non-prioritized scheme. It also allows a client to force a widget token keeper to accept focus.
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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    The given widget token owner requests the widget token from this token keeper.
  • Method Details

    • requestWidgetToken

      boolean requestWidgetToken(IWidgetTokenOwner owner)
      The given widget token owner requests the widget token from this token keeper. Returns true if the token is released by this token keeper. Note, the keeper must not call releaseWidgetToken(IWidgetTokenKeeper) explicitly.

      Replaced by IWidgetTokenKeeperExtension.requestWidgetToken(IWidgetTokenOwner, int).

      owner - the token owner
      true if token has been released false otherwise