Interface IDocumentPartitionerExtension

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultPartitioner, FastPartitioner, RuleBasedPartitioner

public interface IDocumentPartitionerExtension
Extension interface for IDocumentPartitioner.

Replaces the original concept of the document partitioner by returning the minimal region that includes all partition changes caused by the invocation of the document partitioner. The method documentChanged2 is considered the replacement of IDocumentPartitioner.documentChanged(DocumentEvent).

  • Method Details

    • documentChanged2

      IRegion documentChanged2(DocumentEvent event)
      The document has been changed. The partitioner updates the document's partitioning and returns the minimal region that comprises all partition changes caused in response to the given document event. This method returns null if the partitioning did not change.

      Will be called by the connected document and is not intended to be used by clients other than the connected document.

      Replaces IDocumentPartitioner.documentChanged(DocumentEvent).

      event - the event describing the document change
      the region of the document in which the partition type changed or null