Interface IDocumentAdapterExtension

public interface IDocumentAdapterExtension
Extension interface for IDocumentAdapter.

Introduces the concepts of batching a series of document changes into a single styled text content change notification. Batching start when a client calls stopForwardingDocumentChanges. After that call this document adapter does not send out styled text content change notifications until resumeForwardingDocumentChanges is called. On resumeForwardingDocumentChanges, it sends out one styled text content change notification that covers all changes that have been applied to the document since calling stopForwardingDocumentChanges.

  • Method Details

    • stopForwardingDocumentChanges

      void stopForwardingDocumentChanges()
      Stops forwarding document changes to the styled text.
    • resumeForwardingDocumentChanges

      void resumeForwardingDocumentChanges()
      Resumes forwarding document changes to the styled text. Also forces the styled text to catch up with all the changes that have been applied since stopForwardingDocumentChanges has been called.