Class DefaultTextHover

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultTextHover extends Object implements ITextHover
Standard implementation of ITextHover.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultTextHover

      public DefaultTextHover(ISourceViewer sourceViewer)
      Creates a new annotation hover.
      sourceViewer - this hover's annotation model
  • Method Details

    • getHoverInfo

      @Deprecated public String getHoverInfo(ITextViewer textViewer, IRegion hoverRegion)
      Returns the information which should be presented when a hover popup is shown for the specified hover region. The hover region has the same semantics as the region returned by getHoverRegion. If the returned information is null or empty no hover popup will be shown.
      Specified by:
      getHoverInfo in interface ITextHover
      textViewer - the viewer on which the hover popup should be shown
      hoverRegion - the text range in the viewer which is used to determine the hover display information
      the hover popup display information, or null if none available
    • getHoverRegion

      public IRegion getHoverRegion(ITextViewer textViewer, int offset)
      Description copied from interface: ITextHover
      Returns the text region which should serve as the source of information to compute the hover popup display information. The popup has been requested for the given offset.

      For example, if hover information can be provided on a per method basis in a source viewer, the offset should be used to find the enclosing method and the source range of the method should be returned.

      Specified by:
      getHoverRegion in interface ITextHover
      textViewer - the viewer on which the hover popup should be shown
      offset - the offset for which the hover request has been issued
      the hover region used to compute the hover display information
    • isIncluded

      protected boolean isIncluded(Annotation annotation)
      Tells whether the annotation should be included in the computation.
      annotation - the annotation to test
      true if the annotation is included in the computation