Class DialogMessageArea


public class DialogMessageArea extends Object
The DialogMessageArea is a resusable component for adding an accessible message area to a dialog. When the message is normal a CLabel is used but an errors replaces the message area with a non editable text that can take focus for use by screen readers.
  • Constructor Details

    • DialogMessageArea

      public DialogMessageArea()
      Create a new instance of the receiver.
  • Method Details

    • createContents

      public void createContents(Composite parent)
      Create the contents for the receiver.
      parent - the Composite that the children will be created in
    • setTitleLayoutData

      public void setTitleLayoutData(Object layoutData)
      Set the layoutData for the title area. In most cases this will be a copy of the layoutData used in setMessageLayoutData.
      layoutData - the layoutData for the title
      See Also:
    • setMessageLayoutData

      public void setMessageLayoutData(Object layoutData)
      Set the layoutData for the messageArea. In most cases this will be a copy of the layoutData used in setTitleLayoutData.
      layoutData - the layoutData for the message area composite.
      See Also:
    • showTitle

      public void showTitle(String titleMessage, Image titleImage)
      Show the title.
      titleMessage - String for the titke
      titleImage - Image or null
    • restoreTitle

      public void restoreTitle()
      Enable the title and disable the message text and image.
    • updateText

      public void updateText(String newMessage, int newType)
      Show the new message in the message text and update the image. Base the background color on whether or not there are errors.
      newMessage - The new value for the message
      newType - One of the IMessageProvider constants. If newType is IMessageProvider.NONE show the title.
      See Also:
    • clearErrorMessage

      public void clearErrorMessage()
      Clear the error message. Restore the previously displayed message if there is one, if not restore the title label.