Class AbstractSearchProcessor


public abstract class AbstractSearchProcessor extends Object
This class is responsible for handling any pre or post search processing events, including query manipulation and output to the search frame.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractSearchProcessor

      public AbstractSearchProcessor()
  • Method Details

    • preSearch

      public abstract SearchProcessorInfo preSearch(String query)
      This method is called before the search is performed. See SearchProcessorInfo for types of information that can be used by the search display.
      SearchProcessorInfo, or null for no changes.
    • postSearch

      public abstract ISearchResult[] postSearch(String query, ISearchResult[] results)
      This method is called after the search is performed. Results are stored as an array of ISearchResult containing all available data. This method can be used to return a modified result set. For example, one can change the result score of an item, add new results to the top of the list, or remove results.
      ISearchResult[], or null for no changes.