Interface IHelpContentProducer

public interface IHelpContentProducer
Producer capable of generating or otherwise obtaining contents for help resources. A plug-in can contribute instance of IHelpContentProducer to "" extension point. When content for a resource is needed from a plug-in is needed, help tries to obtain content from instance of this class contributed by the plugin. If IHelpContentProvider does not return the content, help system searches and plug-in install location for the file and reads its content.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    getInputStream(String pluginID, String href, Locale locale)
    Obtains content of a specified help resource.
  • Method Details

    • getInputStream

      InputStream getInputStream(String pluginID, String href, Locale locale)
      Obtains content of a specified help resource. If resource for a given path does not exist, a null should be returned. If topic content is static, and corresponding file exist in a plug-in directory or file, null might be return as help system can read the file content itself.
      pluginID - unique identifier of a plug-in containing the resource
      href - path of the resource in a plug-in.

      An href has a format path/to/resource or path/to/resource?parameter=value1&parameter2=value2... For example, references/myclass.html may be passed.

      locale - used by the client. In most cases, content in a user language should be produced.
      InputStream or null if specified resource is not dynamic and should be read from or plug-in install location.