Class MetadataRepositoryFactory


public abstract class MetadataRepositoryFactory extends Object
A metadata repository factory is responsible for creating and loading instances of a particular type of metadata repository. Factories are provided via the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.repository.metadataRepositories extension point.
  • Constructor Details

    • MetadataRepositoryFactory

      public MetadataRepositoryFactory()
  • Method Details

    • create

      public abstract IMetadataRepository create(URI location, String name, String type, Map<String,String> properties) throws ProvisionException
      Creates and returns a new empty metadata repository of the given type at the given location.
      location - the location for the new repository
      name - the name of the new repository
      type - the kind of repository to create
      properties - the properties to set on the repository
      the newly created repository
      ProvisionException - if the repository could not be created. Reasons include:
      • The repository type is not supported by this factory.
      • There was an error writing to the given repository location.
    • getAgent

      protected IProvisioningAgent getAgent()
      Returns the provisioning agent associated with this factory, or null if this factory is not associated with an agent.
      The provisioning agent, or null
    • load

      public abstract IMetadataRepository load(URI location, int flags, IProgressMonitor monitor) throws ProvisionException
      Loads a repository corresponding to the given URL.

      The error code returned in the case of failure is significant. In particular an error code of ProvisionException.REPOSITORY_FAILED_READ indicates that the location definitely identifies a repository of this type, but an error occurred while loading the repository. The repository manager will not attempt to load a repository from that location using any other factory. An error code of ProvisionException.REPOSITORY_NOT_FOUND indicates there is no repository of this type at the given location, and the repository manager is free to try again with a different repository factory.

      The flags passed in should be taken as a hint for the type of repository to load. If the factory knows it will not load a repository that satisfies these hints, it can fail fast and return null.

      location - The location of the repository to load
      flags - to consider while loading the repository
      monitor - a progress monitor, or null if progress reporting is not desired
      The loaded metadata repository
      ProvisionException - if the repository could not be created. Reasons include:
      • There is no existing repository at that location.
      • The repository at that location could not be read.
    • setAgent

      public void setAgent(IProvisioningAgent agent)
      Sets the provisioning agent associated with this repository factory.
      agent - The provisioning agent