Class ImageBasedFrame

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public class ImageBasedFrame extends Canvas
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    • ImageBasedFrame

      public ImageBasedFrame(Composite parent, Control toWrap, boolean vertical, boolean draggable)
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    • getHandleRect

      public Rectangle getHandleRect()
    • computeSize

      public Point computeSize(int wHint, int hHint)
      Description copied from class: Control
      Returns the preferred size (in points) of the receiver.

      The preferred size of a control is the size that it would best be displayed at. The width hint and height hint arguments allow the caller to ask a control questions such as "Given a particular width, how high does the control need to be to show all of the contents?" To indicate that the caller does not wish to constrain a particular dimension, the constant SWT.DEFAULT is passed for the hint.

      computeSize in class Control
      wHint - the width hint (can be SWT.DEFAULT)
      hHint - the height hint (can be SWT.DEFAULT)
      the preferred size of the control
      See Also:
    • drawFrame

      protected void drawFrame(PaintEvent e)
    • getImageCache

      public Image getImageCache()
    • getHandleImage

      public Image getHandleImage()
    • setImages

      public void setImages(Image frameImage, Integer[] frameInts, Image handleImage)