Class EclipsePreferencesHandler

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public class EclipsePreferencesHandler extends Object implements ICSSPropertyHandler
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    • EclipsePreferencesHandler

      public EclipsePreferencesHandler()
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    • applyCSSProperty

      public boolean applyCSSProperty(Object element, String property, CSSValue value, String pseudo, CSSEngine engine)
      Description copied from interface: ICSSPropertyHandler
      Apply CSS Property property (ex : background-color) with CSSValue value (ex : red) into the element (ex : Swing Component, SWT Widget).
      Specified by:
      applyCSSProperty in interface ICSSPropertyHandler
      element - Swing Component, SWT Widget...
      property - CSS Property
      value - CSS value
      pseudo - the pseudo class to use, or null if none is required
      engine - CSS Engine
      weather CSS property was applied or not
    • overrideProperty

      protected void overrideProperty(IEclipsePreferences preferences, CSSValue value)
    • overrideProperty

      protected void overrideProperty(IEclipsePreferences preferences, String name, String value)