Interface CSSElementContext

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public interface CSSElementContext
Context of the Element which wrap the native widget (SWT widget, Swing Component...). This context can be used to store any data.
  • Method Details

    • getElement

      Element getElement()
      Return the Element which wrap the native widget.
    • setElement

      void setElement(Element newElement)
      Set the Element which wrap the native widget.
    • setData

      void setData(Object key, Object value)
      Set data value into the context with key.
    • getData

      Object getData(Object key)
      Get data with key.
    • elementMustBeRefreshed

      boolean elementMustBeRefreshed(IElementProvider elementProvider)
      Return true if element provider has changed and false otherwise.
    • setElementProvider

      void setElementProvider(IElementProvider elementProvider)
      Set IElementProvider used to get the Element wich wrap the native widget.