Interface IWatchExpression

All Superinterfaces:
IAdaptable, IDebugElement, IErrorReportingExpression, IExpression

public interface IWatchExpression extends IErrorReportingExpression
A watch expression is an expression that is evaluated in the context of a specific stack frame, thread, debug target, process, or launch. Generally, a watch expression is a snippet of code that is evaluated each time a debug target suspends, or when a user provides a context for an evaluation by selecting a debug target or thread. An expression updates its value when it is provided with a context in which it can perform an evaluation.

An implementation is provided by the debug platform. Clients that support watch expressions should contribute and implement a watch expression delegate. Watch expressions can be created via the IExpressionManager.

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This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.
This interface is not intended to be extended by clients.
  • Method Details

    • evaluate

      void evaluate()
      Updates this watch expression's value based on the current evaluation context. This watch expression fires a debug change event when the evaluation is complete. A watch expression can be asked to evaluate even when it is disabled. Note that implementations should generally be asynchronous to avoid blocking the calling thread.
    • setExpressionContext

      void setExpressionContext(IDebugElement context)
      Sets the context for this watch expression, or null if none. If the given context is valid for this expression, this expression may update its value. When the value update is complete, a debug change event is fired. When null is specified as a context, this expression may choose to retain its previous value.

      The context is usually one of (but not limited to):

      • a debug target (IDebugTarget)
      • a thread (IThread)
      • a stack frame (IStackFrame)
      context - context in which to update this expression's value, or null if none
    • setExpressionText

      void setExpressionText(String expressionText)
      Sets this watch expression's snippet of code. This method causes the new snippet to be evaluated immediately in the expression's last context.
      expressionText - the snippet which will be evaluated
    • isPending

      boolean isPending()
      Returns whether the result of this watch expression is pending. An expression is pending if an evaluation has been requested, but the value has not yet been returned.
      whether this expression's result is pending
    • isEnabled

      boolean isEnabled()
      Returns whether this expression is enabled. An enabled expression will update its value. A disabled expression will not.
      whether this expression is enabled
    • setEnabled

      void setEnabled(boolean enabled)
      Sets this expression's enabled state. This method causes the new snippet to be evaluated immediately in the expression's last context.
      enabled - whether this expression should be enabled