Interface ILogicalStructureType

All Superinterfaces:
ILogicalStructureTypeDelegate, ILogicalStructureTypeDelegate2

public interface ILogicalStructureType extends ILogicalStructureTypeDelegate, ILogicalStructureTypeDelegate2
Provides a value representing the logical structure of a raw implementation value from a debug model. Logical structures are useful for navigating complex data structures. Logical structure types are contributed via extensions in plug-in XML, and provide a delegate for performing logical value computation. Logical structure types can be retrieved from the DebugPlugin.

Following is example plug-in XML to define a logical structure type.

 <extension point="org.eclipse.debug.core.logicalStructureTypes">
   description="Ordered Collection">

The attributes are specified as follows:

  • id - unique identifier for this logical structure type
  • class - fully qualified name of class that implements ILogicalStructureTypeDelegate
  • modelIdentifier - identifier of the debug model this logical structure type is associated with
  • description - description of the logical structure provided

Clients contributing logicalStructureType extensions are not intended to implement this interface. Rather, they provide an ILogicalStructureTypeDelegate that optionally implements ILogicalStructureTypeDelegate2 to provide dynamic descriptions of logical structures. Since 3.1, clients contributing logicalStructureProviders extensions may implement this interface to return a collection of logical structure types applicable to a value.

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  • Method Details

    • getDescription

      String getDescription()
      Returns a simple description of the logical structure provided by this structure type.

      Since 3.1, this method can return null if this logical structure type's delegate implements ILogicalStructureTypeDelegate2.

      a simple description of the logical structure provided by this structure type, possibly null
    • getId

      String getId()
      Returns this logical structure type's unique identifier, as defined in plug-in XML.
      this logical structure type's unique identifier