Class CompareStructureViewerSwitchingPane

All Implemented Interfaces:
IAdaptable, IDoubleClickListener, IOpenListener, ISelectionChangedListener, ISelectionProvider, Drawable

public class CompareStructureViewerSwitchingPane extends CompareViewerSwitchingPane
  • Constructor Details

    • CompareStructureViewerSwitchingPane

      public CompareStructureViewerSwitchingPane(Composite parent, int style, boolean visibility, CompareEditorInput cei)
  • Method Details

    • getViewer

      protected Viewer getViewer(Viewer oldViewer, Object input)
      Description copied from class: CompareViewerSwitchingPane
      Returns a viewer which is able to display the given input. If no viewer can be found, null is returned. The additional argument oldViewer represents the viewer currently installed in the pane (or null if no viewer is installed). It can be returned from this method if the current viewer can deal with the input (and no new viewer must be created).
      Specified by:
      getViewer in class CompareViewerSwitchingPane
      oldViewer - the currently installed viewer or null
      input - the input object for which a viewer must be determined or null
      a viewer for the given input, or null if no viewer can be determined
    • createTopLeft

      protected Control createTopLeft(Composite p)
      createTopLeft in class CompareViewerPane
      p - a widget which will be the parent of the control (cannot be null)
      the control to be placed in the top left corner of the pane
    • inputChanged

      protected boolean inputChanged(Object input)
      inputChanged in class CompareViewerSwitchingPane
      input - the input
      true, if the input is considered as changed
    • setInput

      public void setInput(Object input)
      Description copied from class: CompareViewerSwitchingPane
      Sets the input object of this pane. For this input object a suitable viewer is determined by calling the abstract method getViewer(Viewer, Object). If the returned viewer differs from the current one, the old viewer is disposed and the new one installed. Then the input object is fed into the newly installed viewer by calling its setInput(Object) method. If new and old viewer don't differ no new viewer is installed but just setInput(Object) is called. If the input is null the pane is cleared, that is the current viewer is disposed.
      setInput in class CompareViewerSwitchingPane
      input - the new input object or null
    • setText

      public void setText(String label)
      Description copied from class: CompareViewerPane
      Set the pane's title text. The value null clears it.
      setText in class CompareViewerPane
      label - the text to be displayed in the pane or null
    • setImage

      public void setImage(Image image)
      Description copied from class: CompareViewerPane
      Set the pane's title Image. The value null clears it.
      setImage in class CompareViewerPane
      image - the image to be displayed in the pane or null
    • addMouseListener

      public void addMouseListener(MouseListener listener)
      Description copied from class: Control
      Adds the listener to the collection of listeners who will be notified when mouse buttons are pressed and released, by sending it one of the messages defined in the MouseListener interface.
      addMouseListener in class Control
      listener - the listener which should be notified
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