Class BinaryCompareViewer

All Implemented Interfaces:
IInputProvider, IInputSelectionProvider, ISelectionProvider

public class BinaryCompareViewer extends AbstractViewer
A simple compare viewer for binary files. Shows the position of the first non-matching byte.
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    • getControl

      public Control getControl()
      Description copied from class: Viewer
      Returns the primary control associated with this viewer.
      Specified by:
      getControl in class Viewer
      the SWT control which displays this viewer's content
    • setInput

      public void setInput(Object input)
      Description copied from class: Viewer
      Sets or clears the input for this viewer.
      setInput in class AbstractViewer
      input - the input of this viewer, or null if none
    • getInput

      public Object getInput()
      Description copied from interface: IInputProvider
      Returns the input.
      Specified by:
      getInput in interface IInputProvider
      getInput in class AbstractViewer
      the input object