Class DeleteEdit

  • public final class DeleteEdit
    extends TextEdit
    Text edit to delete a range in a document.

    A delete edit is equivalent to ReplaceEdit( offset, length, "").

    • Constructor Detail

      • DeleteEdit

        public DeleteEdit​(int offset,
                          int length)
        Constructs a new delete edit.
        offset - the offset of the range to replace
        length - the length of the range to replace
    • Method Detail

      • doCopy

        protected TextEdit doCopy()
        Description copied from class: TextEdit
        Creates and returns a copy of this edit. The copy method should be implemented in a way so that the copy can executed without causing any harm to the original edit. Implementors of this method are responsible for creating deep or shallow copies of referenced object to fulfill this requirement.

        Implementers of this method should use the copy constructor Edit#Edit(Edit source) to initialize the edit part of the copy. Implementors aren't responsible to actually copy the children or to set the right parent.

        This method should not be called from outside the framework. Please use copy to create a copy of a edit tree.
        Specified by:
        doCopy in class TextEdit
        a copy of this edit.
        See Also:
        TextEdit.copy(), TextEdit.postProcessCopy(TextEditCopier), TextEditCopier
      • accept0

        protected void accept0​(TextEditVisitor visitor)
        Description copied from class: TextEdit
        Accepts the given visitor on a type-specific visit of the current edit. This method must be implemented in all concrete text edits.

        General template for implementation on each concrete TextEdit class:

         boolean visitChildren= visitor.visit(this);
         if (visitChildren) {
        Note that the caller (accept) takes care of invoking visitor.preVisit(this) and visitor.postVisit(this).
        Specified by:
        accept0 in class TextEdit
        visitor - the visitor object