Class GlobalTemplateVariables.Date

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    public static class GlobalTemplateVariables.Date
    extends SimpleTemplateVariableResolver
    The date variable evaluates to the current date. This supports a pattern and a locale as optional parameters. pattern is a pattern compatible with SimpleDateFormat. locale is a string representation of the locale compatible with the constructor parameter ULocale(String).
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      • Date

        public Date()
        Creates a new date variable
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      • resolve

        protected String resolve​(TemplateContext context)
        Description copied from class: TemplateVariableResolver
        Returns an instance of the type resolved by the receiver available in context. To resolve means to provide a binding to a concrete text object (a String) in the given context.

        The default implementation looks up the type in the context.

        resolve in class SimpleTemplateVariableResolver
        context - the context in which to resolve the type
        the name of the text object of this type, or null if it cannot be determined