Interface ISourcePresentation

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    IDebugModelPresentation, IDebugModelPresentationExtension, IInstructionPointerPresentation, IMemoryBlockTablePresentation

    public interface ISourcePresentation
    A source presentation is used to resolve an editor in which to display a debug model element, breakpoint, or source element. By default, a debug model presentation (which implements this interface) is used to resolve editors when performing source lookup. However, a source locator may override default editor resolution by implementing this interface.

    Source lookup consists of the following steps:

    1. Locating a source element - the source locator associated with a launch is queried for the source element associated with a stack frame.
    2. Resolving an editor in which to display a source element - by default, the debug model presentation associated with the debug model being debugged is queried for an editor input and editor id in which to display a source element. However, clients may override editor resolution by specifying a source locator that is an instance of ISourcePresentation. When a source presentation is specified as a source locator, the source presentation is used to resolve an editor, rather than the default debug model presentation.

    Clients may implement this interface as part of an IDebugModelPresentation or as an optional extension to an ISourceLocator.

    • Method Detail

      • getEditorInput

        IEditorInput getEditorInput​(Object element)
        Returns an editor input that should be used to display the given object in an editor or null if unable to provide an editor input for the given object.
        element - a debug model element, breakpoint, or a source element that was returned by a source locator's getSourceElement(IStackFrame) method
        an editor input, or null if none
      • getEditorId

        String getEditorId​(IEditorInput input,
                           Object element)
        Returns the id of the editor to use to display the given editor input and object, or null if unable to provide an editor id.
        input - an editor input that was previously retrieved from this source presentation's getEditorInput method
        element - the object that was used in the call to getEditorInput, that corresponds to the given editor input
        an editor id, or null if none