Interface IAdapterFactory

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    public interface IAdapterFactory
    An adapter factory defines behavioral extensions for one or more classes that implements the IAdaptable interface. Adapter factories are registered with an adapter manager.

    This interface can be used without OSGi running.

    Clients may implement this interface.

    See Also:
    IAdapterManager, IAdaptable
    • Method Detail

      • getAdapter

        <T> T getAdapter​(Object adaptableObject,
                         Class<T> adapterType)
        Returns an object which is an instance of the given class associated with the given object. Returns null if no such object can be found.
        adaptableObject - the adaptable object being queried (usually an instance of IAdaptable)
        adapterType - the type of adapter to look up
        a object of the given adapter type, or null if this adapter factory does not have an adapter of the given type for the given object
      • getAdapterList

        Class<?>[] getAdapterList()
        Returns the collection of adapter types handled by this factory.

        This method is generally used by an adapter manager to discover which adapter types are supported, in advance of dispatching any actual getAdapter requests.

        the collection of adapter types