Class EncodingFieldEditor

  • public final class EncodingFieldEditor
    extends AbstractEncodingFieldEditor
    The EncodingFieldEditor is a field editor that allows the user to set an encoding on a preference in a preference store.

    This class may be instantiated; it is not intended to be subclassed.

    • Constructor Detail

      • EncodingFieldEditor

        public EncodingFieldEditor​(String name,
                                   String labelText,
                                   String groupTitle,
                                   Composite parent)
        Creates a new encoding field editor with the given preference name, label and parent.
        name - the name of the preference this field editor works on
        labelText - the label text of the field editor
        groupTitle - the title for the field editor's control. If groupTitle is null the control will be unlabelled (by default a Composite instead of a Group.
        parent - the parent of the field editor's control
        See Also:
      • EncodingFieldEditor

        public EncodingFieldEditor​(String name,
                                   String labelText,
                                   Composite parent)
        Create a new instance of the receiver on the preference called name with a label of labelText.
        name -
        labelText -
        parent -
    • Method Detail

      • doStore

        protected void doStore()
        Description copied from class: FieldEditor
        Stores the preference value from this field editor into the preference store.

        Subclasses must implement this method to save the entered value into the preference store.

        Specified by:
        doStore in class FieldEditor