Class ContainerCheckedTreeViewer

    • Method Detail

      • doCheckStateChanged

        protected void doCheckStateChanged​(Object element)
        Update element after a checkstate change.
        element -
      • setChecked

        public boolean setChecked​(Object element,
                                  boolean state)
        Description copied from interface: ICheckable
        Sets the checked state for the given element in this viewer. Does not fire events to check state listeners.
        Specified by:
        setChecked in interface ICheckable
        setChecked in class CheckboxTreeViewer
        element - the element
        state - true if the item should be checked, and false if it should be unchecked
        true if the checked state could be set, and false otherwise
      • setCheckedElements

        public void setCheckedElements​(Object[] elements)
        Description copied from class: CheckboxTreeViewer
        Sets which elements are checked in this viewer's tree. The given list contains the elements that are to be checked; all other elements are to be unchecked. Does not fire events to check state listeners.

        This method is typically used when restoring the interesting state of a viewer captured by an earlier call to getCheckedElements.

        setCheckedElements in class CheckboxTreeViewer
        elements - the array of checked elements
        See Also:
      • setExpanded

        protected void setExpanded​(Item item,
                                   boolean expand)
        Description copied from class: AbstractTreeViewer
        Sets the expand state of the given item.
        setExpanded in class TreeViewer
        item - the item
        expand - the expand state of the item