Class TypeSelectionExtension

    • Constructor Detail

      • TypeSelectionExtension

        public TypeSelectionExtension()
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public final void initialize​(ITypeSelectionComponent component)
        Initializes the type dialog extension with the given type dialog
        component - the type dialog hosting this extension
      • getTypeSelectionComponent

        public final ITypeSelectionComponent getTypeSelectionComponent()
        Returns the type selection dialog or null if the extension has not been initialized yet.
        the type selection dialog or null
      • createContentArea

        public Control createContentArea​(Composite parent)
        Creates the content area which the extensions contributes to the type selection dialog. The area will be presented between the table showing the list of types and the optional status line.
        parent - the parent of the additional content area
        the additional content area or null if no additional content area is required
      • getFilterExtension

        public ITypeInfoFilterExtension getFilterExtension()
        Returns the filter extension or null if no additional filtering is required.
        the additional filter extension
      • getSelectionValidator

        public ISelectionStatusValidator getSelectionValidator()
        Returns the selection validator or null if selection validation is not required. The elements passed to the selection validator are of type IType.
        the selection validator or null
      • getImageProvider

        public ITypeInfoImageProvider getImageProvider()
        Returns an image provider or null if the standard images should be used.
        the image provider