Class CoreASTProvider

  • public final class CoreASTProvider
    extends Object
    The CoreASTProvider provides access to the AST root used by the current active Java editor. The CoreASTProvider contains all methods/functionality that are not dependent on the UI, from org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.javaeditor.ASTProvider for the purpose of reuse by non-UI bundles.

    This class is not intended to be subclassed or instantiated by clients.

    This class is not intended to be instantiated by clients.
    • Field Detail

      • WAIT_YES

        public static final CoreASTProvider.WAIT_FLAG WAIT_YES
        Wait flag indicating that a client requesting an AST wants to wait until an AST is ready.

        An AST will be created by this AST provider if the shared AST is not for the given Java element.


        public static final CoreASTProvider.WAIT_FLAG WAIT_ACTIVE_ONLY
        Wait flag indicating that a client requesting an AST only wants to wait for the shared AST of the active editor.

        No AST will be created by the AST provider.

      • WAIT_NO

        public static final CoreASTProvider.WAIT_FLAG WAIT_NO
        Wait flag indicating that a client requesting an AST only wants the already available shared AST.

        No AST will be created by the AST provider.

    • Method Detail

      • getAST

        public CompilationUnit getAST​(ITypeRoot input,
                                      CoreASTProvider.WAIT_FLAG waitFlag,
                                      IProgressMonitor progressMonitor)
        Returns a shared compilation unit AST for the given Java element.

        Clients are not allowed to modify the AST and must synchronize all access to its nodes.

        input - the Java element, must not be null
        waitFlag - org.eclipse.jdt.ui.SharedASTProvider#WAIT_YES, org.eclipse.jdt.ui.SharedASTProvider#WAIT_NO or org.eclipse.jdt.ui.SharedASTProvider#WAIT_ACTIVE_ONLY
        progressMonitor - the progress monitor or null
        the AST or null if the AST is not available
      • aboutToBeReconciled

        public void aboutToBeReconciled​(ITypeRoot javaElement)
        Informs that reconciling for the given element is about to be started.
        javaElement - the Java element See
      • reconciled

        public void reconciled​(CompilationUnit ast,
                               ITypeRoot javaElement,
                               IProgressMonitor progressMonitor)
        Update internal structures after reconcile.
        ast - the compilation unit AST or null if the working copy was consistent or reconciliation has been cancelled
        javaElement - the Java element for which the AST was built
        progressMonitor - the progress monitor See, boolean, IProgressMonitor)
      • cache

        public void cache​(CompilationUnit ast,
                          ITypeRoot javaElement)
        Caches the given compilation unit AST for the given Java element.
        ast - the ast
        javaElement - the java element
      • disposeAST

        public void disposeAST()
        Disposes the cached AST.
      • toString

        public String toString​(ITypeRoot javaElement)
        Returns a string for the given Java element used for debugging.
        javaElement - the compilation unit AST
        a string used for debugging
      • getThreadName

        public static String getThreadName()
        The name of the current thread if not null. Otherwise this returns the string representation of the current thread.
      • getInstance

        public static CoreASTProvider getInstance()
        The singleton instance of this class.
      • isReconciling

        public boolean isReconciling()
        Whether the current java element is being reconciled.
      • getReconcilingJavaElement

        public ITypeRoot getReconcilingJavaElement()
        The java element currently being reconciled.
      • getActiveJavaElement

        public ITypeRoot getActiveJavaElement()
        The active java element.
      • setActiveJavaElement

        public void setActiveJavaElement​(ITypeRoot activeJavaElement)
        Set the active java element that is currently active.
        activeJavaElement - the java element.
      • getCachedAST

        public CompilationUnit getCachedAST()
        The compilation unit's cached AST.
      • waitLockNotifyAll

        public void waitLockNotifyAll()
        Notify all waiting threads that the AST has changed.
      • clearReconciliation

        public void clearReconciliation()
        Clear the reconciliation state.