Class MirroredTypesException

    • Constructor Detail

      • MirroredTypesException

        public MirroredTypesException​(Collection<TypeMirror> types)
        Constructs a new MirroredTypesException for the specified types.
        types - an ordered collection of the types being accessed
    • Method Detail

      • getTypeMirrors

        public Collection<TypeMirror> getTypeMirrors()
        Returns the type mirrors corresponding to the types being accessed. The type mirrors may be unavailable if this exception has been serialized and then read back in.
        the type mirrors in order, or null if unavailable
      • getQualifiedNames

        public Collection<String> getQualifiedNames()
        Returns the fully qualified names of the types being accessed. More precisely, returns the canonical names of each class, interface, array, or primitive, and "void" for the pseudo-type representing the type of void.
        the fully qualified names, in order, of the types being accessed