Chapter 7. Adding keyboard layout files

For SWT and RCP AUTs, you need to define a keyboard layouts for the AUT (i.e. which keyboard layout is set for the system on which the AUT runs).

The keyboard layouts for German (Germany) and English (US) are already present. If you want to use another keyboard layout, follow the instructions in the next section to create one.

  1. The name of the file must be in the following format:
    e.g. for US English:

  2. In the file, enter the codes for all characters which require you to press a modifier key.

  3. The format for these codes is:
    <Character>=<Modifier>+<Character without modifier>
    e.g. for the @ character: @=shift+2

  4. The following symbols must be escaped with a backslash:
    ! = : \ , #
    e.g. \!=shift+1 for !

  5. There are pictures of various keyboards on the following website:

  6. To add the keyboard layout file, you must create a fragment containing your newly added keyboard layout file(s). The host plugin for the fragment is:
    The path within the fragment must be:

    If you name the file with the locale code, then the keyboard layout will be displayed in plain text in the AUT configuration dialog.

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