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Task 2:  Create a new report

You can create a report in the following ways:

For each template, BIRT Report Designer provides a cheat sheet, which contains step-by-step instructions, to help you create the report.

For this tutorial, you start with a blank report design.

Choose FileNewReport. New Report appears. Figure 1-5 shows the window that appears in BIRT Report Designer. New Report is slightly different in BIRT RCP Report Designer.

Figure 1-5 New Report in BIRT Report Designer

Figure 1-5  New Report in BIRT Report Designer

Figure 1-6 Report templates in New Report

Figure 1-6  Report templates in New Report

The remainder of this tutorial provides the detailed steps for creating the customer report.

Figure 1-7 Blank report design

Figure 1-7  Blank report design

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