Chapter 2. Samples: example tests

2.1. Introduction to this chapter
2.2. Accessing the prepared Project
2.2.1. Importing and loading the prepared Project
2.2.2. Result Reports
2.3. The structure of the example Project
2.3.1. Introduction to the example project
2.3.2. The reused Projects
2.3.3. The categories
2.4. Adder Tests
2.4.1. Sample 1: using the Swing Simple Adder Sample 1.1: creating a Test Case from Test Steps Sample 1.2: creating a Test Case using the library Sample 1.3: using Event Handlers
2.4.2. Sample 2: using the SWT Simple Adder Sample 2: Simple Adder SWT Test
2.4.3. Sample 3: using the HTML Simple Adder Sample 3: HTML test with the library Sample 3.2: HTML test with multiple data sets
2.4.4. Sample 4: using the JavaFX Simple Adder Sample 4: Simple Adder JavaFX test using library
2.5. DVD Tool Tests
2.5.1. Sample 2.1: testing the menu bar and dialog boxes
2.5.2. Sample 2.2: testing trees
2.5.3. Sample 2.3: testing tables
2.5.4. Sample 2.4: testing tabbed panes, lists, combo boxes

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