One-to-One Mapping

Property Description Default

Target entity

The persistent entity to which the attribute is mapped.


Defines how data is loaded from the database:

  • Eager – Data is loaded in before it is actually needed.

  • Lazy – Data is loaded only when required by the transaction.


Join fetch

The type of fetch to use:

  • Inner – Provides the inner join fetching of the related object.

    Note: Inner joining does not allow for null or empty values

  • Outer – Provides the outer join fetching of the related object

    Note: Outer joining allows for null or empty values.


Specifies if this field is can be null.


Private owned

Specify that a relationship is privately owned; target object is a dependent part of the source object and is not referenced by any other object and cannot exist on its own.


Orphan removal



Specify which operations are propagated throughout the entity.

  • All – All operations

  • Persist

  • Merge

  • Move

  • Remove

  • Refresh


One-to-one mappings also include the following areas: