Customize Default Entity Generation

Use this page to specify the default information Dali will use when generating the entities from the database tables. You will be able to override this information for specific entities.

Property Description Default

XML Mapping File

The name and location of the mapping file.


Dynamic Class Defaults


Default package name for dynamic classes


Mapping defaults

Key generator

Default generation strategy for primary keys:

  • Auto

  • Identity

  • Sequence

  • Table

  • None


Sequence name

When using a Key generator, specify its name.

Note: You can use the variables $table and $pk in the Sequence name. Dali will replace them with the table name and primary key column name, respectively, when generating a mapping table.

Associations fetch

Specify the default fetch strategy for generated entities:

  • Default

  • Eager

  • Lazy


Collection properties type

Specify the default collection type, for generated entities:

  • java.util.Set

  • java.util.List


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