Launch Group

The user can launch multiple applications at the same time or in sequential order. This is made possible by the launch configuration type: Launch Group.

Launches tab

The Launches tab lets you add and delete launch configurations to the group. It also allows you to temporarily disable, re-order and edit properties of the elements in the group.

Run Configuration dialog, Launch group

NameDisplays the name of the launch configuration and a checkbox for enabling or disabling the configuration.
ModeDisplays the mode the configuration will run in when the group is launched.
ActionDisplays the optional action that will be carried after the configuration is launched.
UpMove selected configuration(s) up
DownMove selected configuration(s) down
Add...Opens a dialog to add a new configuration.
Edit...Opens a dialog to edit values for configuration(s).
RemoveRemoves selected configuration(s) from the list.

Common tab

The Common tab lets you select where the configuration is stored, see Common tab reference page for details.

Add and Edit launch configuration Dialog

Edit Launch Configuration dialog

Launch Mode The Launch Mode combobox at the top of the dialog serves a dual purpose.
  1. It dictates the desired mode for the launch configuration being added, and
  2. It establishes a 'mode' filter for the launch configurations that are exposed to the user (for selection) in the area below the combobox

For example, when the 'debug' mode is selected, (1) only launch configurations that support being invoked in 'debug' mode appear. Also, (2) when the launch group is invoked, that particular child launch configuration will be invoked in 'debug' mode.

Filter inputType in filter input to filter list of configurations by name
Configurations treeLists all available launch configurations for the selected Launch Mode, filtered by Filter input.
Use default mode when launching This checkbox acts as a sort of override to whatever mode is set in the Launch Mode combobox. Checking this option indicates that the child launch configuration should be launched in the mode used to initiate the launch group launch. This needs some clarification. First, realize that a launch configuration can be invoked from either the 'Debug' or the 'Run' actions (and some comparable 'profile' action in certain Eclipse configurations/products). That means, the launch group itself can be launched either in debug or run mode. When you check the Use default... checkbox, you're saying: launch this particular child configuration in the mode that the parent (launch group) is launched with. If you do not have that checkbox checked, then the child configurations will be invoked in whatever mode each individual child is configured with.

Note that Use default... control can allow you to create a launch group that will not be successful. For example when one or more launch configurations selected cannot be launched in the mode dictated by launch group mode.

Post launch action There are several actions available that control what should be done after each launch:
  • Delay - Waits a specified number of second before launching the next configuration in the group
  • Wait until terminated - Waits until current launch is terminated
  • None - Proceeds to launch next configuration immediately

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