Stardust Online Documentation

The Stardust Online documentation suite for Release 2.1.1 contains a set of user guides, a JavaDoc collection of class descriptions as well as the release notes.

Release Notes

The Release Notes provide the release notes for the actual release and links to earlier release notes.

Upgrading to Later Versions

Please refer to chapter Upgrading to Later Versions for detailed information on required changes on existing models when upgrading to a later version of Stardust.


The Installation Guide provides general information about the server installation and database configurations.

Getting Started

Chapter How to read the Stardust Online Documentation gives a brief introduction to the Stardust Documentation.

The Tutorials guide you through the Stardust functionality with example use cases.

The chapter Self-Learning Training Videos provides an overview of links to a series of self-learning videos to learn how to use Stardust.


The Concepts section helps you understand the key concepts of Stardust.

Administrator Handbook

The Administrator Handbook provides an overview over installation and operations of Stardust.

Simple Modeler Handbook (Technology Preview)

The Simple Modeler Handbook provides details on the functionality of the Simple Modeler, which supports building and managing simple Process Definitions in the Portal.

Business Process Modeler Handbook

The Business Process Modeler Handbook contains a set of user guide for business analysts for modeling and installation.

Developer Handbook

The Developer Handbook covers the following topics:

End User Handbook

The End User Handbook contains a set of user guides for end users, like the description of the Stardust Web Portal.

Infinity Service Bus Handbook

The Infinity Service Bus Handbook provides a user guide for the Infinity Service Bus. It describes integration tasks, development and configuration tasks as well as deployment, monitoring and diagnostics.


The Examples section provides examples for Web services API, authentication and synchronization (security).


The Stardust Reference part contains the Stardust API description and the Stardust extension points references.


Please refer to the Troubleshooting chapter for known or restricted issues and provided workarounds.


The Glossary provides an alphabetical list of terms and their definitions.