There were three major changes in Photran 6 that affect users of previous versions of Photran:

  1. Projects must be converted to Fortran projects.   In the past, Photran would treat C projects and Fortran projects similarly.  In fact, in Photran 4 and earlier versions, Photran's new project wizard actually created C projects!  But in Photran 6, many of Photran's features will only be available after a project is converted to a Fortran project.  (Every Fortran project is a C project too, so CDT's features will still work on the project.)  Learn how to convert projects .
  2. Project properties must be reset.   Photran 6 uses a new mechanism for storing project properties.  Unfortunately, this means that the project properties for old projects must be re-created.  This includes enabling analysis/refactoring and setting include paths and module paths.
  3. Source form settings must be set for the project.   Previous versions of Photran used Eclipse's workspace-wide settings to distinguish free and fixed form files.  In Photran 6, each project has its own settings that determine which filename extensions correspond to free and fixed source form (and which files contain C preprocessor directives).  Learn about source form settings .