To run a Fortran application, right-click the project in the Fortran Projects view, and click Run As > Local Fortran Application. This will build and run the Fortran application, and output will be printed to the console. (Remember, if you are using a custom makefile, the makefile will need to be written correctly for the project to be built.)

If you want to manage the run configuration (for example, if you want to pass command line arguments to your Fortran application or set certain environment variables), right-click on the project in the Fortran Projects view, click Run As > Run Configurations... Create a new launch configuration under Fortran Local Application (or edit an existing one) and modify the settings as needed.

Debugging programs works similarly, except you can choose Debug As > Local Fortran Application or Debug Configurations from the context menu.

Running and debugging Fortran applications is similar to running and debugging C/C++ applications. For more information on running and debugging binary applications, click on Help > Help Contents in Eclipse, and navigate to C/C++ Development User Guide > Tasks > Running and debugging projects.

Setting Breakpoints

There are two ways to set breakpoints in the editor.

The easiest way to set a breakpoint in the editor is to double click in the left margin (gray vertical bar) on the line at which you wish to set the breakpoint. A blue dot will appear in the margin on the line where the breakpoint is set. Double clicking again at the same location will remove the breakpoint.

You can also set a breakpoint by right-clicking in the left margin on the line where you wish to set the breakpoint and clicking "Toggle Breakpoint." The blue dot indicating the breakpoint will appear or disappear (if already set) in the left margin of the editor.

Setting Breakpoints

When you switch to the Debug perspective, the breakpoints you set will be listed in the Breakpoints view.

For more information on debugging, click on Help > Help Contents in Eclipse, and navigate to C/C++ Development User Guide > Tasks > Running and debugging projects > Debugging.

Known Run/Debug Issues

When using Cygwin in Windows, debugging a program can result in a "cannot find gcc source" error as described in Bug 280492 . Note that this error does not have an effect on the running of the program. The program will still run correctly in Debug mode.

Compiler-specific problems


In debug mode, using the step button to step through the code line-by-line sometimes jumps ("leapfrog" effect) around in the source code editor view. For example, pressing F6 (step) after a breakpoint several times, might sometimes result in a jump to line 1 and stepping again will return to the correct line in the code.


No known issues.

Intel Fortran Compiler

No known issues.


No known issues.