UI Plug-ins Associated with Help Contexts

DITA maps for context-sensitive help plug-ins must contain a <topicmeta> element as the first child of the <map> element, and for each UI plug-in whose help context IDs are identified in the map, that <topicmeta> element must contain one <othermeta> element that identifies the UI plug-in.

Note: The <othermeta> elements that identify UI plug-ins should be the last child element in the <topicmeta> element. The <topicmeta> element may contain any other valid child elements (preceding the <othermeta> elements that identify UI plug-ins).
The <othermeta> element’s name and content attribute values will be used to identify UI plug-ins in the org.eclipse.help.contexts extension, which is declared in the plug-in manifest (plugin.xml file) of the context-sensitive help plug-in. For example:
    <map id="org.eclipse.datatools.ui.doc">
            <othermeta name="ui-plugin"
            <othermeta name="ui-plugin"

The name attribute value "ui-plugin" is a fixed, literal string. The content attribute value is the Eclipse plug-in ID of a UI plug-in.

Nested maps that contribute context-related help topics must include the same markup to identify each UI plug-in whose context IDs are identified in that map.