Context-Specific Help Content

The ditamap requires specific markup to implement context-sensitive help.

Each <topicmeta> element that wraps a <resourceid> element may optionally contain one <searchtitle> element or one <shortdesc> element, or both (one of each):
Note: The <searchtitle>, <shortdesc>, and <resourceid> elements must appear in the <topicmeta> element in the order shown above.
A DITA map that contains the example shown above produces the following content in an Eclipse context XML file:
        <context id="help_context_ID_string"
            title="Optional text to override the help About title.">
            <description>Text for context description.</description>
            <topic label="label attribute in contexts.xml topic element"
where doc_plugin_ID is the value of the id attribute on the <map> element.

The following illustration shows how the <searchtitle> and <shortdesc> elements in a DITA map can be transformed into markup in the Eclipse context XML file, and how those items in the context XML file provide the context-specific content rendered in the Help view.

Image shows how content in the <searchtitle> and <shortdesc> elements in a DITA map contribute context-specific content for the Eclipse context XML file.