Debugging Spring Bean Applications

It is possible to debug Spring Bean Applications in the Stardust Process Workbench. To get this running you have to do some configuration first.


In a dynamic Web project using the Process Manager facets, all libraries necessary for debugging spring bean applications are included in the classpath.

If you are not using the Process Manager facets, make sure you have the following libraries in your CLASSPATH:

Additionally set up a configuration file named carnot-spring-debugging-context.xml, located in the root of your classpath to bootstrap a context from a bean. Here is a simple example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<!-- Application context for a Stardust Process Engine client.-->
    <!-- If you have your own context file, reference this file here -->

    <!--import resource="classpath:NameOfYourCustomContext"/--> (e.g. <import resource="classpath:custom-spring-context.xml"/>)

This is only necessary if you like to add custom contexts to your debugging context. Be sure to add all context configuration files to your CLASSPATH. To add them to the classpath, you can:

Debug Configuration
Figure: Editing the Classpath in the Debug Configuration

Please refer to chapter Debugging Process Definitions of the Modeling Guide for information on how to debug Stardust Processes.