Analysis Reports

Reports in the category Analysis make use of the model definition and the data from the audit trail database. Analyses offer information about finished process instances.

Analysis - Overview

The Analysis Overview report is split into two sections:

Figure: Sample Analysis Overview

The following reports can be selected from the Analysis Overview:

Analysis - Process Times

Reports linked to in this table offer information about the development of average process times in a user-defined period of time, cumulated by day or month.

Figure: Analysis - Process Times

Analysis - Process Volumes

The Report linked to in this table shows information about the development of process volumes in a user-defined period of time, cumulated by a user-defined interval in minutes.

Figure: Analysis - Process Volumes

Analysis - Process Volumes & Times

Combining information on process times and process volumes, this additional view supports a better analysis of interdependencies.

Figure: Analysis - Process Volumes Times by Day

Analysis - Process Activities

These reports visualize the average activity duration and its standard deviation calculated per day or per month above the daily/monthly activity volume. Only completed activities are considered. For each activity of the selected process definition one table is created inside such a report. The reports finish with a summary table for all activities.

Figure: Analysis - Process Activities by Month

Analysis - Process Time Allocation

This report visualizes the average allocation of the average process time on the different activities of a process definition. The average duration of each activity and its standard deviation are displayed in the table in the lower section of the report.

Figure: Analysis - Process Time Allocation