Logging for the Business Analysis and Reporting Component is following the general concepts of logging in Stardust products.


Please create the subdirectories <user.home>/log and <current directory>/log, where the logging will take place. In this case user.home is the user's home directory when you startup a JVM. You can find it with the command:


The current directory is the directory where you startup your application server. This may be the bin directory of your JBoss or your Tomcat installation.

You can configure logging for the Business Analysis and Reporting Component in the log4j.properties file, which can find in the following locations depending on your environment:

You can set debug logging parameters with the Java parameter carnot.log.debug.filter. It expects a comma separated list of classes and packages that you want to log in debug mode. You can set this parameter as part of your application server startup script.


-Dcarnot.log.debug.filter=org.eclipse.stardust.reporting.AbstractProcessInstanceView, org.eclipse.stardust.reporting, org.eclipse.stardust.reporting.oda

Log Files

Three different log files are created under Logging.Directory: